Adrian and Wendy Vargas have the space. They have the traffic. They have the motivation. And perhaps most importantly, they have the support of their friends and family.

So less than half a year after the former Sears Haliburton owners were blindsided by a call telling them the retail chain was closing all operations, including their own, the Vargas family is back in business.

Mega Munch Breakfast and Lunch on the lot of the former Sears building on Hwy. 118 is open for business!

They’ve had the idea of a food truck for quite some time, but opening it alongside their busy Sears business would have been impossible. Now after spending the winter wrapping their heads around unexpected life changes, they’ve been putting plans in place to create a food truck like no other.

“The truck is going to be yellow, and I mean bright yellow,” said Adrian. “You’re going to see it from Carnarvon.”

Check out the Mega Munch

(With files from the Haliburton Echo)