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Where Do You Take Your Take-out?

Where Do You Take Your Take-out?

The busiest time of the year is upon us in the Haliburton Highlands. Combine that with the current lack of seating at most restaurants and the possibility of finding a spot on your favourite patio or in your favourite dining room is going to be slim for the next...

The Ice cream Road Trip

The Ice cream Road Trip

When most people think of Ice Cream in the Haliburton Highlands, they think of Kawartha Dairy.  And why not?  The family-owned dairy company has been dishing up delicious ice cream for decades. Any warm, sunny day will see a huge line-up at their Hwy 35 location, and...

Ask a Master Gardener

Ask a Master Gardener

The world as we knew it has changed and the Haliburton Master Gardeners have noticed a need in our community and they would be available to advise new gardeners with sustainable gardening at their location. This includes growing vegetables, planting fruit bushes and...

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