Located 20 minutes south of Algonquin Provincial Park and in the hills of Highland Grove, ON. is a Magnificent Hill. A home and a life-style where we are learning and developing ways to become as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. We strive to live in harmony with our earth, water and air. We are practicing and developing better ways to grow our food and raise our animals in a chemical free environment.

This past Canada Day weekend, we hosted a pizza party (it was quite hot!) around our unique oven for many happy visitors.

We served the classic standard (tomato sauce/cheese/pepperoni), the one of a kind ‘Rot-T Goa-T’ pizza (ground goat/goat feta/curry/wild leek). Oh…and the Chicken Clubhouse Deluxe (chicken/bacon/onions/mushrooms/bok choy).

Our goal is to serve you a one of a kind pizza experience (field to fired to friends) so…book your party today!
Experience the Hill – it’s Magnificent!