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If you needed another reason to visit the Haliburton Highlands come visit during the fall season and enjoy the stunning colours.

There are so many ways to experience the majestic beauty of the Maple, Aspen & Tamarack as they transform the forest canopy into a blazing sea of red, orange and yellows.  Try our many hiking trails, lookouts, a walk in the Clouds or by water on our water trails.

Fall Colour Update


  • NOTICE: Algonquin Provincial Park has implemented measures to address overcrowding this fall. The park may be closed at any time of day if park capacity is reached.   For more information relating to capacity and park closures please follow us on Twitter @Algonquin_PP


  Colour Change Leaf Fall Date Reported Comments
Frost Centre  5%  0% September 10, 2020 The Leaves are still mostly green at The Frost Center with hints of colour starting to show HHWT
Algonquin Park  30%  0%  September 17, 2020

Many trees are starting to lose their rich green colour and are taking on a green-yellow hue. In some areas, the crowns of the trees are yellow to orange, and scattered tree tops are red. Some isolated trees and branches have completely turned, with a small number already fully changed!

Oxtongue Lake  5%  0%    Green – has not yet reported for 2020 season
Eagle Lake  5%  0% August 20, 2020   Green
Haliburton Village  10%  5%  September 17, 2020 While green still dominates, splashes of yellow, orange and even red are starting to give a burnished hue to the village landscape.
Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve  5% to 25%  0% September 17, 2020 We are seeing very vibrant yellows and reds with some really neat mixed coloured leaves of green with red or yellow accents.  Check out our Video Report
Benoir Lake / Southern Algonquin Park  5%  0% September 11, 2020 yellow dominant and a bit of red starting to show.  I think the next few weeks will develop nicely. 🙂 Deep Roots Adventure
Silent Lake  10%  0% September 16, 2020   All trails offer good viewing of fall colours.
Minden Village  15%  5%  September 16, 2020   starting to see some small pockets of colour appearing – overall there is now a shade of yellow in the green
Snowdon Park  30% 0% September 15, 2020   Quite a change from last Friday – at least twice as much colour


These dates are our best guess for when to see the fall colours this year. Please note, these are just educated guesses based on historical trends. There are many factors that affect when the fall colours will be best for viewing, and these conditions and dates may change slightly from year to year.


  • Early fall colour viewing opportunities: September 14 – September 30
  • Peak maple fall colour viewing opportunities: October 1 – October 12
  • Peak golden encore fall colour viewing opportunities: October 13 – 21

Nothing like a road trip and Feeling the Wind in your Hair

Weather by car or motorcycle, enjoy the majestic views from the side of the road.

We can fix your hunger while you are visiting

Many of our local restaurants and kitchens have delicious options for taking-out, dining-in and enjoying a patio. 

Also check out our 4 Feast ON certified restaurants, as well as our 2 local Breweries, you’re going to be amazed…


Why not stay overnight and be able to see more of the highlands

Create your own oasis away from the hustle-and-bustle and safely enjoy the space & freedom the Haliburton Highlands has to offer.  Enjoy a truly Canadian cottage experience throughout our vast region at one of our many places to stay.

Dorset, Halls Lake & Oxtongue Area

Buttermilk Falls

Best places to view the fall colours:

Best ways to experience the fall colours:

Eagle Lake, West Guilford & Village of Haliburton Area

Haliburton Highlands Golf Course

Best places to view the fall colours:

Best ways to experience the fall colours:

Gooderham, Harcourt & Village of Wilberforce area

Silent Lake Provincial Park

Best places to view the fall colours:

Best ways to experience the fall colours:

Village of Minden & surrounding Area

Panorama Park – Lookout

Best places to view the fall colours:

Best ways to experience the fall colours:

  • Unique to the world, visit the Minden Hills Cultural Centre and find the Art, History and Nature that tells a story and has a large Andre Lapine collection…
  • Minden Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday 10am to 2pm until Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Find a Walking trail around town and discover a boardwalk in the middle of the village that takes you through a beautiful wetland
  • Exceptional golf at Beaverbrook or Blairhampton, two of the area’s top courses
  • See the colours from the water. Kayak and SUP board rentals are available at Algonquin Outfitters & AO Boatwerks while you try for hand on the quiet Gull river through town or the adventure of the Minden Whitewater Preserve

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