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Eat like a tourist – support local

Eat like a tourist – support local

Meal Take Out & Curbside Pick Up For Locals At Our Resorts   Resorts in the Haliburton Highlands have had a challenging year so far, after already being setback by 2020. Covid-19 government shut downs and procedure health regulations have greatly affected the...

Discover Winter Camping

Discover Winter Camping

You waken to the sound of new snow drifting onto the top of your tent or cabin, landing light as a feather one snowflake at a time. The world is hushed and the air snaps with cold but you are warm and cozy in your snowy cocoon. You wonder to yourself why you haven’t...

4 Hikes for the Fall Season

4 Hikes for the Fall Season

As the days become shorter and the chill in the evening air becomes more pronounced, it’s clear that summer has come to an end and fall is on its way. It will soon be time to trade in the hot weather and summer relaxation for cooler temperatures and fall fun. The...

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