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Where to Find a Beach Resort

Where to Find a Beach Resort

It has been in the news that too many beaches in Ontario are overcrowded, especially in light of the pandemic. Enforcement of social distancing and public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are challenging at public beaches in major city centres, and it...

Algonquin Park South Gate

Algonquin Park South Gate

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE VISITING Few have discovered Ontario's largest Provincial Park from the bottom up. Far removed from the bustling East and West gates of Hwy 60, Algonquin's South Gate is located near the hamlet of Harcourt on Elephant Lake Road and...

Discover Winter Camping

Discover Winter Camping

You waken to the sound of new snow drifting onto the top of your tent or cabin, landing light as a feather one snowflake at a time. The world is hushed and the air snaps with cold but you are warm and cozy in your snowy cocoon. You wonder to yourself why you haven’t...

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What do places to stay in the Haliburton Highlands look like to you?

A lakeside resort? A charming Bed & Breakfast? A camp you stayed at when you were a kid?

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