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Where is the Best Pizza

Where is the Best Pizza

Is it fair to declare summer the season of pizza? It can be enjoyed year-round, of course, but some of the best pizzaiolos fire up their outdoor ovens only during summer. Plus, ingredients like uber-ripe veggies or pesto made with fresh basil are the cherry tomato on...

Floating, Relaxing, rivers & Sun

Floating, Relaxing, rivers & Sun

Best River Floats in Haliburton Highlands It’s quite tranquil to be lounging on an inflatable watermelon, floating where the current takes you. Most of us know from experience what the water sounds like, as you drift from entrance to exit on one of the best places to...

This Fry’s for you

This Fry’s for you

With the upcoming warm weather it’s getting close to chip truck time – the time of year when we crave the warm, brown-paper-wrapped-cardboard-boxes filled to the brim with steaming potato-ey goodness and the time of year when the aroma of French fries can lead to an...

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