Do Less, Get More


Rejuvenate in the Haliburton Highlands!

What is rejuvenation season? It is that time of year when you allow yourself to slow down and do less. A time to recharge after an adventure-filled Winter, and before the hustle and bustle of the long, busy days of Summer. We love our busy seasons; the excitement of discovery and creating new memories is vital to who we are. We also welcome the slower season, where we can recharge and actually get more by doing less: more connection, more energy, more rejuvenation.

We invite you to give yourself permission to slow down, unplug, and escape. Get pampered. Forget what time it is. Measure your day by the chapters in a book, or the depth of a conversation. The experiences and accommodations that we have collected for you are specifically designed to help you find the space to do less and get more. Whether you are looking for a fully programmed experience, or a place to create your own experience, you will find them here. Go ahead, start slowing down.


Wellness Retreats

Dimensions – Algonquin HIghlands

Retreat. Reset. Transform. Embark on a path of sustained well-being enhanced by the restorative power of nature.

Whatever your intention, we invite you to unlock your potential for well-being while experiencing warm hospitality in luxurious natural settings. Match your personal wellness goals to our evidence-based programs featuring psychedelic-assisted therapies and plant ceremonies, and begin the journey to your greatest self.

Nomi Resort – Algonquin Park South Gate

Nestled between South Algonquin’s rich woodland and a far stretch of waterfront, NOMI Resort Club is a 40,000 square foot private getaway, where luxury residences and curated experiences allow members to enjoy each season to its fullest.

Nomi’s main lodge includes spacious guest rooms, a 4500 sq ft lobby, and the extraordinary Lands 8FIFTY restaurant and bar. The resort is expanding to provide indoor and outdoor wellness programs to take place throughout the year.

Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa – Eagle Lake

Immerse yourself in total serenity at our one-of-a-kind Haliburton spa; a unique WaterSpa experience. Pamper yourself with a variety of spa treatments, using only the finest natural oils and ingredients to soothe, refresh and stimulate your body and mind.

The WaterSpa at Sir Sam’s Inn offers a quiet respite from the daily stresses of life, lifting the spirits to a renewed sense of energy.


Wellness Experiences…

We have curated a selection of rejuvenating, invigorating, and relaxing experiences. You can disconnect from what distracts you, while reconnecting with the things that help you recharge.

Yours Outdoors

Unique learning vacations and outdoor adventures that explore the rich natural and cultural heritage of Haliburton County. Yours Outdoors packages are original, engaging, enlightening, and will connect you with communities and the great outdoors.

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Spirit of the Waterfalls

Like the birth of a newborn baby, all our Transformative Nature Experiences come through the Gateway of Water, then expand into the other realms of Nature…

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Wolf Flow SUP

Combining yoga and paddleboarding is a beautiful way to connect with nature while being calmly active. SUP Yoga has a great mix of physical and mental benefits…

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Pony Time – Abbey Gardens

Get your chance to go beyond the paddock gate with one of our unique Pony Times! Meet our rare, Ojibwe Horses, take selfies and give a horse a hug during your time with us… 

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Deep Roots Adventure

Mushroom hunting is a fascinating, gratifying, and often misunderstood outdoor activity. Come learn the basics of foraging for these fungal wonders of nature, learn tricks of the forager’s trade, and have a blast doing it!…

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Adult Camps

Adult summer camps help you escape from the banality of daily life in the big city for one weekend per year. Try a Drum camp, Camp Reset or a camp just for Yoga.

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Art – Start Creating

The arts can be a great way to find self expression, visit some of the studios and creative centres for classes ….

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Self Guided Experiences…

If you are just looking for more to explore while you get away from your busy schedule, escape on your own and discover the many trails and nature stops that you will find along your drive.


The sound of running water helps us find a space of our own, where the sounds of a busy world disappear and we can sit in contemplation….

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Hiking Trails

Great hiking opportunities with lush forests, fascinating wildlife, and sweeping lake vistas & lookouts where sightseers can relax and photographers can enjoy…

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Driving Routes

Our pre-planned routes take you through many charming rural communities, with each offering plenty of places to stop and take a break.

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Coffee & Cafes

Local independent coffee roasters & cafes provide a unique experience and rich flavours you can’t get at regular chains. Make your way to some of these great coffee roasters & cafes for a tasty cup of joe.

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