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Discover the world of Sweet Ontario pure maple syrup

From syrup to sugar, discover all of our delicious maple products, a healthy and tasty sweetener for any meal, all year round!

Where to experience Local Maple

If people want to experience the annual Canadian spring harvest, below are some exclusive experiences at multiple maple produces. In addition, you may be able to contact some of our local producers directly for Sugar Shack tours.

Family Maple Magic

Ready to make maple memories with your loved ones? Family Maple Magic is geared towards kids of all ages and anyone who has a sweet tooth!…

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Esson Creek Maple

Tours of the Sugarbush can be booked all year, and during Syrup season will end with a “Sugar on Snow” experience! The tour includes the forest, the minerals, and the entire syrup making process…

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Wintergreen Maple Products

Enjoy a Taffy Party at the Sourdough Sam’s Old Tyme Sugar Shack. During March and April, phone ahead for an appointment.

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Where to buy Local Maple Products

From the corners of Algonquin Park, Dorset, Minden, Haliburton to Tory Hill the County of Haliburton has approximately 15 small, medium and large producers who share a passion for maple syrup, the year’s first agricultural product.

Beatty's Sugar Bush

This is a small bush, with over 200 taps the majority of which are on pipe lines. Syrup is boiled in a stainless steel evaporator over a wood fire.

Website:  Beatty’s Sugar Bush

Can-Aqua Maple

No matter what your favorite grade our quantity is, we have something that will make you happy! Give us a call to tour our sugar shack, peruse our wares and meet our friendly staff.


Colour of Wood Maple Syrup

Rick and Wendy started making Maple syrup on their 25 acres of managed forest in 2015 with 90 taps on buckets. They now have almost 1,000 taps on pipeline. It all flows downhill to their sugar house. Just sap, gravity, lots of fire wood and the help of Mother Nature. Their syrup is known for its unique label and wonderful taste.

Come and see how syrup is made. Walk the trails and enjoy a taste of warm syrup. They are located at 1255 Peterson Rd in Carnarvon and would love a visit. Farm gate sales available throughout the year. 249 993 0134

Website: Colour of Wood

Cossette Maple Syrup

Making syrup since 1987, this family run company prides itself in producing the highest quality, wood fired syrup.

Website: Cossette Maple Syrup

Emes Family Maple Syrup

We have over 1,000 taps on over 30 acres of property. The Emes Family have been making syrup on this property since the 1980’s. Ken is the third generation along with his wife Angela and their 3 kids (4th generation) making wood fired maple syrup in Dorset.

Website: Emes Family Maple Syrup

Esson Creek Maple

We are a family-run maple syrup operation, specializing in syrup production, local minerals and tours of both the syrup side of our business, and the mineral side. We love making syrup and sharing our passion for doing so.

Website: Esson Creek Maple

Fool's Gold Maple Syrup

Fool’s Gold started in 2015 when owner and founder, Ian Robertson rediscovered his love for the outdoors after 25 years in the banking world. Now, Ian is thrilled to fully devote himself to tapping and sapping and spending every day with nature. What started as a family endeavour with 20 hand-tapped trees in its first season, our syrup now comes from more than 350 taps, straight from our farm in Minden, Ontario, Canada.

Website: Fool’s Gold Maple

Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve

Ever wonder how you get Maple Syrup?  We can help you out with that!  Come on out to visit our Maple Sugar Bush & Syrup Shack and/or buy some of our liquid Gold.

Website: Haliburton Forest

I'd Tap that Maple Syrup

Rich’s bespoke syrups are not only infused with hot peppers but also the sustainable agriculture practices that he employs on his 100 acre farm.

His hand-crafted maple syrup products are truly farm-to-table, with a focus on forest ecosystem health. Located in the beautiful Algonquin Highlands (Haliburton County), Rich tends to his trees year-round and grows the majority of his hot peppers right on the farm.

Website: I’d Tap the Maple Syrup

Neil Brown's Farm

Award winning hobby maple syrup producers, using traditional sap collection and a wood fired evaporator. Our sugar bush is just outside Gooderham, ON.

Website: Neil Brown’s Farm

Uncle Norm's Pure Maple Products

Maple Syrup Producer

Website: Uncle Norm’s Pure Maple Products Ontario Maple Syrup Producer Logo

Waverly Brook Farm

4 seasons family Farm in Haliburton Highlands. Est. 1912, now the 5th generation living from the land.  Bio-dynamic methods used on the farm since 1994.  Always willing to learn and share with others!

Website: Waverly Brook Farm

Winterdance Maple Syrup

Winterdance’s maple syrup operation is a bit more high tech than Tanya’s grandparents. Rather than 100 trees tapped there are 2000 trees tapped currently and rather than going to collect the sap each day from the buckets on trees, pipelines with gravity feed bring the sap down to the sugar shack on it’s own. The nature of the Winterdance sugar bush sees a 300′ drop from the top trees to the sugar shack. Tanya’s grandfather boiled his sap down to syrup on an old wood stove, while Hank boils with wood too, his evaporator is alot larger and more high tech, making maple syrup more of a science than the art it used to be for Tanya’s grandparents.

But the end result, is still delicious mouth watering, pure and natural Maple Syrup!

Website: Winterdance

Wintergreen Maple Syrup and Farm Gate Foods

Open all the weekends in March and April (sat. and sun.) 9 to 4pm. The Pancake Restaurant will NOT be open. Come and taste a variety of maple products and fresh preserves.

Tour the evaporator room and take a walk in the sugar bush. Take home a Wintergreen breakfast frozen (sausages, french toast, pancakes, waffles)and enjoy at your home. COVID protocols apply.

Website: Wintergren Maple Products

Windy Meadows Farm

Farm gate sales: eggs, maple syrup, grass fed Angus beef when available.  Fancy chicken breeds and hatching eggs.  Family farm for 50 years.

Website: Windy Meadows Farm 

 The Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association is committed to the production of high quality maple products. Click here to learn more and to find great Maple Recipes & Nutritional Facts.

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