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Find Your Home Away From Home

Create your own oasis away from the hustle-and-bustle and safely enjoy the space & freedom the Haliburton Highlands has to offer.  Enjoy a truly Canadian cottage experience throughout our vast region at one of our many places to stay.

Safely Dine-in or take-out

Many of our local restaurants and kitchens have delicious options for taking-out, dining-in and enjoying a patio.

Find out what is available.


experiences that make memories

Many of our experience providers and local sights & attractions are open.

You can also explore your inner hiker with our many trails and view some of the best vistas. We also have some of the best Fishing in Ontario with over 600 lakes.

What are you waiting for? Come and find out for yourself why the Haliburton Highlands is the best place to live, work or play.

Albert Saxby

Nick and Benton

Thom Lambert

Ryan VanLieshout

Gord Kidd and Shawn Chamberlin

Carl Dixon

Salt Cellar Duo (Rob Bersan & Virginia de Carle)

Cassidy Taylor

as the beat goes on, so do we...

In this time of physical distancing, it can be difficult for you to get your live music fix!  We’ve got you covered, check out the What’s Happening page to find out where you get your groove on.

The Haliburton County Folk Society has produced biweekly live online concerts. Click the button below to view past performances and to learn more about their upcoming performances featuring local artists in the area.

the great Outdoors are still just as great

The Haliburton Highlands features a pristine natural environment grounded firmly on the Canadian Shield. Including the southern portion of Algonquin Provincial Park as well as Silent Lake Provincial Park & Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, the area is characterized by mixed forest highlands interspersed at every turn with freshwater wetlands, rivers and lakes, creating a landscape much sought after for all of its artistic, cultural and recreational opportunities.

There is no better way to view the Haliburton Highlands than to go hiking along one of its many trails.

4 Hikes for the Fall Season

As the days become shorter and the chill in the evening air becomes more pronounced, it’s clear that summer has come to an end and fall is on its way. It will soon be time to trade in the hot weather and summer relaxation for cooler temperatures and fall fun. The...

Looking at the Stars – Part 3

Eyes on the skies — August   August is here at last with its fine weather, fewer mosquitos, and longer nights. All of the constellations and objects from July are still visible, but there are a few exciting new things to see this month. Here are some astronomical...

Biking – 6 places to get the 6 benefits

6 health benefits of cycling If you’ve ever pedalled up a hill before, it probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that cycling is great for working the lower body, but did you know the health benefits reach far beyond your quads and hamstrings? Benefits for your brain...

Where Do You Take Your Take-out?

The busiest time of the year is upon us in the Haliburton Highlands. Combine that with the current lack of seating at most restaurants and the possibility of finding a spot on your favourite patio or in your favourite dining room is going to be slim for the next...

Silent Lake Provincial Park

Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Silent Lake Ontario has great hiking and mountain biking trails and one of the most scenic lakes in Ontario. There are no motors (gas or electric) allowed on Silent Lake, so it stays true to its peaceful name. There are two...

The Ice cream Road Trip

When most people think of Ice Cream in the Haliburton Highlands, they think of Kawartha Dairy.  And why not?  The family-owned dairy company has been dishing up delicious ice cream for decades. Any warm, sunny day will see a huge line-up at their Hwy 35 location, and...

Guide to Geocaching

In Ontario, deep in the Haliburton Highlands a string of seven hamlets in the Municipality of Highlands East and at the South Gate of Algonquin Park is the Geocaching Capital of Canada. The communities of Irondale, Gooderham, Tory Hill, Wilberforce, Harcourt, Highland...

Stay Cool in Minden

When it gets hot and you can’t take it anymore we all crave something cool to help keep us sane. Here are a couple of Minden Village “hot spots” where you can get some cool desserts this summer!   Kawartha Dairy, open daily 9 am - 10 pm, 12750 Hwy 35, Minden -...

Backcountry in the Highlands

You waken slowly in the early morning, the high-pitched warble of birdsong drifting lightly through the trees overhead. The sky is faintly brightening with the coming of dawn, and the natural world is gradually blossoming to life. Around you there is no trace of human...

Building your Outdoor Skills

Summer is calling: begging you to explore the green forests and blue waterways that seem more vivid and inviting beneath the warm sun. As inviting as picturesque vistas and sparkling waters appear, many of these take certain skills and the right gear to navigate....

Geared up for Hiking

The Haliburton Highlands boasts of a pristine natural environment grounded firmly on the Canadian Shield. Including the southern portion of Algonquin Provincial Park as well as Silent Lake Provincial Park & Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, the area is...

Kosy Shack Patio ready

Lots of exciting news today. We got the all clear for Kosy Shack our Kosy outpost located at Wedgewood Marina on 12 Mile Lake. Same great food as Kosy Korner with lakefront patio and takeaway. Tracey and Diane familiar Kosy faces will be running it. Current hours will...

Floating, Relaxing, rivers & Sun

Best River Floats in Haliburton Highlands It’s quite tranquil to be lounging on an inflatable watermelon, floating where the current takes you. Most of us know from experience what the water sounds like, as you drift from entrance to exit on one of the best places to...

This Fry’s for you

It’s chip truck time – the time of year when we crave the warm, brown-paper-wrapped-cardboard-boxes filled to the brim with steaming potato-ey goodness. The time of year when the aroma of French fries can lead to an unplanned emergency detour to a roadside stand. This...

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