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Create your own oasis away from the hustle-and-bustle and safely enjoy the space & freedom the Haliburton Highlands has to offer.  Enjoy a truly Canadian cottage experience throughout our vast region at one of our many places to stay.

take-out has never been this easy

Many of our local restaurants and kitchens have delicious options for taking-out..

Find out what is available.


Albert Saxby

Nick and Benton

Thom Lambert

Ryan VanLieshout

Gord Kidd and Shawn Chamberlin

Carl Dixon

Salt Cellar Duo (Rob Bersan & Virginia de Carle)

Cassidy Taylor

as the beat goes on, so do we...

In this time of physical distancing, it can be difficult for you to get your live music fix!  We’ve got you covered, check out the What’s Happening page to find out where you get your groove on.

The Haliburton County Folk Society has produced biweekly live online concerts. Click the button below to view past performances and to learn more about their upcoming performances featuring local artists in the area.

the great Outdoors are still just as great

The Haliburton Highlands features a pristine natural environment grounded firmly on the Canadian Shield. Including the southern portion of Algonquin Provincial Park as well as Silent Lake Provincial Park & Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, the area is characterized by mixed forest highlands interspersed at every turn with freshwater wetlands, rivers and lakes, creating a landscape much sought after for all of its artistic, cultural and recreational opportunities.

There is no better way to view the Haliburton Highlands than to go hiking along one of its many trails.

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Eat like a tourist – support local

Eat like a tourist – support local

Meal Take Out & Curbside Pick Up For Locals At Our Resorts   Resorts in the Haliburton Highlands have had a challenging year so far, after already being setback by 2020. Covid-19 government shut downs and procedure health regulations have greatly affected the...

Bird Watching & Helping our Feathered Friends

Bird Watching & Helping our Feathered Friends

The Land Between is home many headwater and cold water lakes that harbor rare relic lake trout species, and other important sport fish of whitefish, walleye, bass and others. Wetland habitats provide ideal spawning areas and important nurseries to ensure development...

May Celestial Calendar

May Celestial Calendar

Stargazers in 2021 can look forward to an impressive lineup of events from supermoons, lunar eclipses, meteor showers as well as a total solar eclipse. Check out the dates and times for astronomical events in the month of May. While some events such as the full moon...

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