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Who are we sharing our trails with?

You don’t have to be in the jungle to be an animal tracker. Animal footprints are often as close as your backyard, garden or on one of the many Haliburton Highlands Hiking Trails. Take a look at these common animal track pictures—showing footprints in mud. IDENTIFY...

Looking at the Stars

Stargazing Luckily there are still places where the view of the sky is comparable to that over 100 years ago; unspoiled places to wander by the light of the moon, gaze at the sky above, and be in awe at the immense size of the galaxy around us. The Haliburton...

Dayna’s Dog Sledding Story

Have you ever experienced something that makes your heart race, your mind sharpen until your vision is crystal clear, and your thoughts go quiet? It is the feeling of something being right for you--and for me, that is dog sledding.   My name is Dayna. I am still...

Wandering in Winter – Bark Lake

Are you and your family searching for the perfect place for a winter weekend escape, packed with winter activities? Join us on Family Day weekend at our “Wandering in Winter” event! Family rates applicable! Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre is prepared for...

When to go Ice Fishing?

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I decided to take a drive out to our local reservoir, where we spend days ice fishing for perch, crappie and pike, to see how thick the ice was. It was early in the season, the second half of December, and we didn’t expect to be on...

Benton Goes Ice Fishing!

Guided Ice Fishing at Haliburton Forest 100 Lakes, 100,000 Acres, 1,000,000 Fish. Haliburton Forest is a hardwater angler’s dream and an adventure enthusiast’s Shangri-la. Brook trout, rainbow trout and the elusive ‘Haliburton Gold’ lake trout are all on the menu when...

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