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Nestled within the heart of cottage country in Ontario, the Haliburton Highlands presents an unparalleled natural beauty. This serves as a captivating backdrop for filmmakers seeking picturesque and nature settings. With its over 600 lakes and rivers, winding roads that meander through lush forests, quaint camps nestled among towering pines, and lakefront cottage resorts that exude rustic charm, the region offers a plethora of unique locations for cinematic storytelling.

Arts & Culture

The Haliburton Highlands boasts an arts & culture community that can greatly enhance any film production. At the forefront is the renowned Haliburton School of Art and Design, a hub for creative expression and artistic skill development.  The Haliburton Folk Society adds a melodic dimension to the area, promoting folk music and creating a lively cultural atmosphere. The Haliburton Art Council can connect you with the local artistic scene and also assist filmmakers by providing access to talent.

Whether it’s seeking local musicians to score a film or utilizing the picturesque landscapes for evocative scenes, the collaborative spirit of Haliburton’s artistic community offers filmmakers a wealth of opportunities to infuse their productions with the region’s distinct cultural flair.

We also are host to the Haliburton International Film Festival, a platform that showcases independent cinema and fosters a cinematic community.

Filming Locations

You will find a variety of locations that span the spectrum of natural beauty from the classic children summer camp to the lakeside resort in the Haliburton Highlands. Picture the region’s numerous rivers and waterfalls, where the cascading water provides a dynamic backdrop for a range of cinematic moments. Winding roads, carved through the landscape, create cinematic sequences perfect for the roadside shots.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the Highlands’ outdoor adventures, from hiking trails to water activities, provide thrilling opportunities to infuse excitement into the narrative. The region’s local landmarks, rich in history and character, add depth and authenticity to any storyline. In the Haliburton Highlands, filmmakers discover a cinematic treasure trove, where each location tells a unique and visually compelling story.

Past Film Productions

Guidelines & Permits

We encourage you to get in touch with our Film Officer as soon as possible to assist you with the film permitting and guidelines for the Haliburton Highlands.

You must have a film permit to film on public property within the Haliburton Highlands, unless you’re filming current affairs, newscasts, or personal recordings.

You will also need to complete an application if your production requires road occupancy/closures, changes to traffic or the urban landscape, includes excessive noise, special effects, or impacts neighbouring residents or businesses.

Our permit process will take you through the required: Expenses and fees, Insurance and safety measures, Road closures and interruptions.  We’ll provide you with an estimate of costs before issuing your permit.

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We respectfully acknowledge that the region currently know as the Haliburton Highlands is located on Treaty 20 Michi Saagiig territory, and in the traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig and Chippewa Nations, collectively known as the Williams Treaties First Nations, which are Curve Lake, Rama, Hiawatha, Alderville, Scugog Island, Beausoleil and Georgina Island First Nations.

We acknowledge a shared presence of Indigenous nations throughout the area, and recognize its original, Indigenous inhabitants as the stewards of its lands and waters since time immemorial.