The busiest time of the year is upon us in the Haliburton Highlands. Combine that with the current lack of seating at most restaurants and the possibility of finding a spot on your favourite patio or in your favourite dining room is going to be slim for the next couple of weeks.

Luckily, Dinner on the Dock is more than a slogan; it’s a real and memorable experience. Dinner on the Boat? Another great option. If a dock or boat is not on your list, or you are just looking for something different check out the options we have listed for you below.  Some are common, some are hidden gems. All of them are a great place to enjoy a great meal.

Head Lake Rotary Park

Head Lake and Rotary Park in Haliburton: lots of picnic tables, a playground for kids, 2 swimming spots and lots of great take-out nearby.  Insider tip: head for the sloped grass in front of the bandshell for a lovely sunset view and a bit of quiet from the main part of the park.

Ritchie Falls: a bit out of the way, but definitely a hidden gem. No picnic tables, but lots of beautiful, steamside rocky outcroppings that seem made for a picnic. Insider tip: after your picnic head out to the Lochlin Community Centre so the kids can enjoy the great playground.

Panorama Park

Meals with a view: Panorama Park just outside Minden, and Skyline Park in Haliburton both have amazing views to go with your meal. Picnic table area at a premium, so bring a chair. Insider tip: bring a cooler to keep your hot food hot (how does it know?) for the drive to the lookout of your choice.

Rotary Park in Minden: Lots of picnic tables, a playground, great swimming and really close to Kawartha Dairy! Insider tip: on a hot day you can float all the way into town to the River Cone.

Dorset Parkette

Dorset Parkette: has a sandy beach located on the east side of Highway 35 in Dorset. This beach features picnic tables, parking, restrooms, docks, and a boat launch. While you’re in Dorset be sure to check out Robinson’s General Store on Main Street just north of the narrows.


Ritchie Falls

Skyline Park

Rotary Park – Minden