Savour Snowdon Park’s slow Adventure


By Darren Lum – Adventurer. Biker. Freelancer. Former Dogsled guide, and long-time “newspaper guy.”


Come for the lookouts, but stay for the discovery.

Snowdon Park offers an approachable trail for beginner hikers and a forest retreat for the advanced.


Listen to the serenade…

Listen for the serenade from the park’s residents: blue jays, golden-crowned kinglets, black-capped chickadees and white-throated sparrows. Take in the natural beauty of the forest and marshland from within and on the shoreline of marshland by its two lookouts. It won’t be difficult to drink in the wonders that unfold after every step. Look with a discernible eye to see little wonders, which could be missed at first glance.

Located only a few hundred metres from the South Lake and County Road 1 intersection, the park is Minden Hill’s largest. It’s located less than a 10-minute drive from downtown Minden. 

The trail network of Snowdon Park is ideal for families with young children, boasting very little elevation change, but plenty of flora diversity, with its many trees, low-lying vegetation and flowers. The entire trail network can be completed in under three hours (with time to wonder and sit) and measures close to seven kilometres, with plenty of options to shorten the hike. Maps of the network are posted on signage, which is located at junctions. 

In the spring, this typography is an ideal setting for muddy conditions, but boardwalks and stones help to provide a break in the mud. However, by the autumn see the signs of the season, as the red and yellow leaves pop against the green coniferous trees. Embrace the solitude of winter and snowshoe the year-round trails.

No matter what time of year make an afternoon of it. Be sure to bring food and refreshments for stops along the way. Venture to the far end of the park and see the derelict 1971 Lincoln by taking the Ross Rigney trail, which is named after deceased and beloved past Minden Hills mayor. The abandoned vehicle is like a ghost of the past. This far trail loop is 3.64 kilometres and offers the feeling of being on a grand adventure. 


A deck with a view…

There are sections of accessibility, including a lookout platform a few hundred metres from the parking lot, which has space for dozens of vehicles. There is no cost or permit required. Two portable toilets (one is accessible) are available close to the first platform. Sign in at the kiosk and leave your mark. Check past entries for friends and others who have visited Snowdon Park.

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