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Five Things in the Spring to do

Here at Yours Outdoors we LOVE spring. As the snow melts and native Haliburtonians put away their snowshoes and skis, we welcome the warmth, the new growth, (and yes the mud!) of the spring months. There’s so many things to do both outdoors and indoors that a little...

Last Chance for Speedy Winter Fun

See Haliburton like you have never seen it before- on a snowmobile. It's a varied riding experience with great hospitality, food, and fuel along the way.  Explore an abandoned rail line Trail B103, The Rail Trail, with the Trailhead in downtown Haliburton.  Ride the...

Top 5 November Adventures in the Haliburton Highlands

There is adventure in November. Sure, it might be quite cool and a snow flurry is possible. And the days are shorter, the breezes may blow and there are 50 shades of gray but the sun does shine. There is nothing sweeter than a sunny day in November. The weather is...

Howl at the Moon

In addition to the wild wolf packs that make their home in the 100,000 acres of Haliburton Forest, their captive wolf pack provide opportunities for education and research. In preparation for the captive wolf pack’s arrival, a 15-acre enclosure with 14-foot-high...

Geocache Your Way to Adventure

“WHEW! What a crazy adventure this weekend and honestly there was no better way to end it off than with the Howler Bonus cache. Although it was a crazy hike up to it, to which I wasn't even sure if we were in the right spot at...

How Camp Saved a Life

At Medeba we get messages from campers reminiscing about the time they spent here, this past winter we got a message that we wanted to share: The water was shockingly cold, I was treading water in with my upside-down canoe bobbing beside me.  Both the waves and the...

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